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Salt Lake Monthly Meeting Newsletter
10th Month, 2009
October, 2009
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Also, the Meeting is looking for a new or used refrigerator. If your old one is in good condition, contact the Buildings & Grounds Committee to see about donating it. (Russ Fish or Dick Loomis)
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Who do you know?
Who do you know? I'm Suellen Riffkin, a SLMM member since 2009. I'm the designated Newsletter Editor for this year. I've lived in Draper for almost 25 years - before that I was an "Easterner." I was a member in my hometown meeting: Moorestown, NJ, since I was about 12. I had come to SLMM on and off for many years - I remember Meeting at 2nd Avenue, The Realms of Inquiry School and The Ladies' Literary Society buildings. My husband is Jewish, not really practicing, and we went to the Reconstructionist Jewish group several times. Back then, they used the SLMM on 2nd Ave. Imagine my kids' confusion going to two different "churches" in the same building!
One of my pleasures is gardening, and harvesting. I enjoy bringing veggies to Meeting to share, or cooking something with LOTS of one thing, like corn, and bringing it for everyone. My family sometimes gets sick of whatever is ripening in the garden that week. Another pleasure is riding waves in the ocean and sledding in the mountains.
I'd like to have this part of the newsletter be about someone new each week. SO, I'll be calling or writing you to get YOUR info to be included next month.
Business Meeting Minutes
Salt Lake Monthly Meeting of Friends convened for Business for Worship on September 20, 2009 at the Meeting House, 171 East 4800 South, Murray UT 84107, commencing with a period of silent worship at 11:40 a.m.
In attendance: Emily Box, meeting clerk, Rand Hirschi, recording clerk, Diana Hirschi, Doni Ricci, Peggy Christensen, Jeff Scarborough, Elaine C. Emmi, Suellen Riffkin, Heidi Hart, Oakley Gordon,  Phil Brewster, Lee loomis, Dick Loomis, and Phil Emmi.
NINTH MONTH Query: What are we doing as a Meeting to communicate our presence and our principles to the community around us? Does our Meeting's ministry of outreach lead Friends to share their spiritual experiences with others?-- Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice (2002), p. 212.
Approval of 8th Month Minutes: Minutes of the August Meeting for Business were approved.
Buildings and Grounds:  Dick Loomis reported that the sign had been repainted. He also relayed a request from Jean Mautner for use of the Meeting House for a family member's 16th birthday on October 12. Jean's request was approved with the understanding that she would contact Gordon Remington to confirm that there were no conflicts and to let Gordon know who the Quaker contact for the use would be. Jean and all MH users are requested to read the Building and Ground guidelines for building use. The Meeting accepted B&G's report.
Treasurer:  Phil Emmi submitted the attached incomplete "Salt Lake Monthly Meeting Proposed Budget" which was warmly accepted by the Meeting. To complete the budget, Phil and the meeting request that committees or others with budget requests contact Phil as soon as possible with their best estimate of what funds they will need for the coming year. Phil also requested that a line be added under organizational dues for an annual donation to "Quaker Institute for the Future." This request and a more nearly complete proposed budget with standing committees' budget requests will be considered at October Business Meeting.
Ministry and Counsel: Phil Brewster read and submitted the attached "Ministry and Counsel (M&C) Report for 9th Month 2009", which the Meeting accepted. After discussion, the meeting approved
Minute 0909.01: Meeting accepts M&C's recommendation that we not use name tags. Friends are encouraged to be friendly and welcoming to all.
Adult Education: Elaine Emmi read and submitted the attached report, which the Meeting accepted. Friends with an interest in presenting an adult ed session or with suggestions are encouraged   talk to Elaine.
Newsletter:  Editor Suellen Riffkin requested guidance from the Meeting concerning aspects of the newsletter. The meeting looks forward to seeing the newsletter again.
Hospitality: The clerk read the attached report from Hospitality, which the Meeting accepted. The Meeting requests that Hospitality submit a budget request which accounts as best they can for the mention in their report that Friends may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in furnishing hospitality.
Nominating Committee: Rand Hirschi reported that Nominating did not meet but requests  guidance from the meeting as to what was contemplated as a Finance Committee, which the committee has been asked to staff. As there was no time to discuss this question, it was suggested that the committee formulate a statement of the function of this committee and present it at October Business meeting.
The Meeting confirmed the August minute approving the loan of the upright piano to Jean Mautner for use as set out in that minute.
NEW BUSINESS [Note: for ease of reference, discussions of items of new business and any decision reached in connection with a committee report are noted under the respective report.]
The clerk reported that a group named Conscious Business Circle has asked to use the meeting once each month on Saturday evening. In the discussion there was some concern that the meeting have necessary information to contact groups using the building, that they are aware of the Meeting House Guidelines, and that they check with Gordon Remington for possible conflicts before a regular schedule is adopted. The Meeting approved
            Minute 0909.02: Conscious Business Circle's proposed use of the Meeting House is referred to Russ Fish for assurance that the group meets existing guidelines. All groups using the Meeting House are asked to follow the guidelines established by Buildings and Grounds.
MEETING ADJOURNED at 1:10 p.m. with a moment of silent worship.
Respectfully submitted,
Rand Hirschi
Recording Clerk
Ministry and Counsel (M&C) Report for 9th Month 2009
phil Ministry and Counsel met on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, at the Hirschi home. In attendance were Diana Hirschi, Oakley Gordon, and Phil Brewster (convener). M&C welcomes Oakley as a newly appointed participant in the work of the committee.
We discussed the spiritual state of our Meeting community and are seeking ways to serve its needs. One focus is our renewed commitment to being available to answer the questions of new attenders and visitors at Meeting.
Turning to consider the business agenda of the committee, M&C weighed the question laid upon us at a recent business meeting, of whether name tags should continue to be used within our Meeting and if so, in what form - temporary or permanent name tags. While there was some disunity among us over whether the question of name tags actually belongs under the care or 'jurisdiction' of M&C, we clearly recognized that the underlying desire to make newcomers feel welcome and comfortable among us in Meeting is important and should be kept in mind. Ultimately, however, M&C believes that this goal can be accomplished without the use of name tags. We further note that in recent weeks the practice of wearing name tags has fallen into disuse, with fewer than 25% of members and attenders at Meeting filling out and wearing the temporary tags that have been provided since the removal of the cork board with the older set of permanent name tags (which had also not be worn very often in recent memory...). In conclusion, M&C recommends to the Meeting that the practice of wearing name tags be laid down and asks that Meeting seek other ways to fulfill the welcoming and hospitable spirit that name tags may be said to represent, without relying on the external form.
In other committee business, M&C determined a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and reported our request to the Meeting's Treasurer.
In the Light,
Phil Brewster, Diana Hirschi, Oakley Gordon
Adult Education
will be the 4th sunday of each month at approximately 11:30 a.m.
27 sep - Faith and the Land continuation of early discussion
25 oct - discussion lead by Peggy Christensen (tentative)
22 nov - Friends Committee on National Legislation report:  Elaine and Phil Emmi
27 dec - 
24 jan
28 feb
28 mar
25 apr
23 may
27 jun
Possible topics (please contact me if you would like to present or know of someone):
Quaker Rituals!  do we have them and if you could create one, what would it be?
Music and spirituality
Community issues
Quaker Earthcare Witness report.
Randy Holladay, Julian Cooke and I are joining together to encourage Meeting attenders to take turns contributing to refreshments after Meeting.
Here is the calendar so far.  Please let us know by group or individual email if you are willing to provide this.  The cost of food can be reimbursed through the treasurer, or donated to Meeting.,,
September 27
October 4     Mellodee Lambert
October 11 Business Meeting Pot Luck (or someone can volunteer)
October 18     Rand Hirschi
October 25     Susan Worley
November 1     Julian Cooke
November 8 Business Meeting Pot Luck, or...
November 22 
November 29                   
December 6
December 13 Business Meeting Pot Luck, or...
December 20
December 27
Salt Lake Monthly Meeting Proposed Budget for 2010 Draft 9/19/09

Low High

Proposed Proposed

Budget Budget

Fundraiser  $      2,300.00 $2,800.00
Donations  $    21,500.00 $23,500.00
Total Income  $    23,800.00  $   26,300.00

Facility Costs

Insurance $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Utilities/Maintenance/Questar Gas $600.00 $800.00
Utilities/Maintenance/Murray H2O + Power $1,000.00 $1,200.00
Utilities/Maintenance/Property Mgmt  $         600.00 $700.00
Utilities/Maintenance/Phone+Internet  $         900.00 $1,000.00
Utilities/Maintenance/cleaning  $      2,400.00 $2,400.00
Buildings&Grounds/Misc Repairs  $         500.00 $700.00
Mortgage  $    11,220.00 $11,220.00
Attic Wiring + Insulation  $      1,500.00 $1,700.00
Replacement Refigerator  $                -   $1,200.00
 Total Facility Costs
$19,720.00 $21,920.00

Standing Committees

Library  $         200.00 $300.00
Ministry & Counsel  $         200.00 $200.00
Hospitality TBD

Newsletter TBD

Adult Education TBD

Religious Education TBD

Mid-Winter Gathering TBD

Peace & Social Concerns TBD

IMYM Continuing Committee TBD

 Total Standing Committees
 $         400.00  $        500.00

Organizational Dues

IMYM Dues  $      1,300.00 $1,450.00
UFF Dues  $         300.00 $350.00
Amer Friends Service Committee  $         250.00 $300.00
Friends Comm On Natl. Legislation  $         250.00 $300.00
Friends World Consultation Comm  $         250.00 $300.00
Quaker Eco-Witness Comm  $         250.00 $300.00
Quaker Institute for the Future

 Total Organizational Dues
 $      2,600.00  $     3,000.00

 Fundraiser Expense
 $         700.00 $800.00

Total Expense  $    23,420.00  $   26,220.00
Net Income (loss)  $         380.00  $          80.00
I hope you've enjoyed the new format. Please send me your ideas. I also seek information about events to which all members are invited, particularly those held in the Meetinghouse. If you have goods or services to sell, I'll put them here too.

Suellen Riffkin
SLMM Newsletter Editor
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Who do you know?
Business Meeting Minutes
Ministry & Council
Adult Education
SLMM Proposed Budget

Singing before Meeting at 9:30, October 4th and 18th.
Meeting for Worship For Business, second Sunday, October 11.
Upcoming Adult Education is October 25, 11:30 discussion lead by Peggy Christensen (tentative)
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Items and Services Available from Members
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