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Using This Site


This site was built using the Drupal content management system (or CMS, for short). In order to add, edit or remove content on this site, you must first register. To register, simply click on the link "Create new account" in the left column, or on the "Register" link in the top-right corner of any page. A site manager will review your request and you will receive an approval within a day or two. What content is available to you will depend on your membership level:

  • Anonymous visitors: view all publicly-available information
  • Authenticated users: same as anonymous visitors plus post comments.
  • Site contributor: same as authenticated users plus they can create site content of all kinds. Site contributors can also edit and remove content they've created.
  • Site editor: same as site contributors plus they can edit and delete other's content, as well as approve or deny new account requests.
  • Site manager: same as site editor plus they can add, edit or remove content types. They can also control some aspects of the site's appearance.
  • Administrator: same as all other roles plus they handle background programming and related settings.

Site Content

All content is stored in a database, and each individual item of site content -- article, blog post, research paper topic, etc. -- is called a node. Nodes are grouped by content type (article, bibliography citation, meeting minutes, research paper topic, etc.). Nodes of each content type are gathered into views, pages showing the title and a brief snippet (or full display) of the node's content.

Adding content

To add content of any kind to this site:

  1. Click the "Add content" link in the left column
  2. Select the content type you wish to add to the site
  3. Enter your information in the form provided.
  4. To add files, use the Filepicker tool located below the "Body" box
  5. To add images, use the Imagepicker tool located below the "Body" box
  6. Allow or disallow comments, and click the "Save" button.

Avoid adding individual items to menus (i.e. do not check "Provide a menu link"), as each node will already appear in one or more views.

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