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Friends Spiritual Life and Practice

What Constitutes a Spiritual Life?

The Religious Society of Friends does not subscribe to a written creed. We believe that God or the Inner Light or Divine Reality (don't get too hung up on the name) is present within each of us and that, if we listen, God will guide us in all things. This is the foundation of our worship and of our lives. We believe that faithfully following the Inner Light's calling requires careful discernment and testing with our religious community.
Friends' way of life emphasizes integrity, simplicity, and the equality of all persons as God's children.

Meeting Organization

All Friends share responsibility for Ministry in the Meeting. The spiritual and temporal affairs of the meeting are attended to at a Monthly Meeting for Business, held following Meeting for Worship on the second Sunday of each month. All are welcome.
The financial needs of the meeting are met through contributions of members, attenders, and friends of the Meeting. Donations may be left in the donation box, given to the Treasurer or Clerk, or mailed to the address at the top of the page.



On most Sundays, religious education classes are available for children during part of the Meeting for Worship. Children sit with us for the first fifteen to twenty minutes and then are invited to join in the classes. Children are also free to remain in Meeting for Worship.


Members and attenders alike are invited and encouraged to support the Meeting by serving on committees. Each committee is led by a Clerk.

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